Connecting like-minded queer women.

Finding others who understand the lived experience of being a queer woman, and the nuances around that, is just hard. Especially if you’re on the other side of your twenties, happily coupled up, have a family, or are focused on your career.

The LO. makes it easy to find and connect with like-minded women, irrespective of where you live, who you know (or don’t know), or the field in which you work.

At The LO. it doesn’t matter which letters of L-G-B-T-Q you identify as. If our mission and values speak to you, and you are proactively looking to grow your queer community, you’ll fit right in here. We want to make it as easy to find community as it is to find a date! 


A community & network of like-minded women.

The LO.’s membership-based model protects our space for existing members. Everyone in our community is meant to be here.

We recognize that our community reflects the sum of its individual members, which is why we screen all applications to make sure each applicant is the right fit for our community and culture.

Connecting through tech alone is not enough. We encourage our members to find and actively engage other LO members near them– let’s be honest, in person conversations are where real connection happens!

Social platforms can become toxic spaces. The LO. is determined to be different. That’s why we’ve focused on cultivating a culture centered around enabling meaningful conversations and lasting connections, encouraging a positive community to flourish. 

Our culture

A positive & affirming culture.


Membership to The LO. is $8 per month or $80 annually. We don’t sell your data and we won’t be advertising to you. Our community space is for our members only. Simple as that.

Can’t afford that? We never want money to be the reason you can’t access our community, that’s why each year we give a select number of memberships to women who apply but cannot afford the membership fee. Just indicate you would like to be considered for this when applying for membership. 

$ 8
$ 80

Apply for membership.

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