The Community for Queer Lesbian Gay Bi Women.

A membership-based online network & community for women who love women. 



A MEMBERSHIP-BASED community of like-minded women 24+.

At The LO. we’re on a mission to meaningfully connect queer women by making it easier to find community. We know how hard it is to connect and build friendships in existing spaces, and we think it’s time that changed. That’s why we built The LO., an online membership-based community, where our ultimate aim is to empower queer women by making it easier for you to build lasting connections offline. Whether you’re wanting to network, have just moved to a new city, or want to meet other queer moms, we’re here to make that a little (actually a lot) easier. The LO., built for queer women, by queer women. Come join us.

Connect with Members

Meet vetted “family” local to you. Make friends, break bread. Find your dog park pack or cocktail party crew. Meet other queer families. 

Network or Socialize

Create and join groups representing your interests. Network with other professionals in your field. Plan group events for queer women in your area.

Find Places & Spaces

Crowd source recommendations for queer friendly businesses, hair dressers, vacation locations, tailors, and much more.  


"The LO. is what I've always wished existed. It's so hard to find community as a queer woman."
Ella. N
Beta Member

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