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We want queer women to thrive.

A private, membership-based network connecting queer women to friendships and community near them. 

We're on a mission to expand our cultural infrastructure.

By creating a new kind of space for us -
one focused on platonic connections & our empowerment.

A connected community is an empowered community.


In 2023, we believe it should be easier to find queer friends and community. So we decided to do something about it.

We’re here to bring together the next new besties, sports leagues, supper clubs, and queer-women-championing professional networks that help us all thrive. 


Find Community. Build your Network.

Meet new friends.

Find like-minded friends based on shared interests and hobbies, or similar life stages. Just moved to a new city and haven't found your people yet? Want to meet other queer families like yours?
You can find them on The LO.

Find Local events.

Connect to your local community and find local group events, or join LO hosted socials and activities. Want to go on a hike with awesome queer women near you? Plan a ski trip with other winter lovers? We got you.

Stay Empowered.

Join our professional groups to connect with other queer women in your industry. Make connections where there is synergy. Cheer on the incredible accomplishments of the LO. women around you. Our collective thriving is the mission.

Our values.

Visibility Matters.

So many of us grew up without role models and had to chart our own paths to success as queer women. Now is the time for us to see and be role models. Bringing queer women together with other proud, like-minded queer women helps us remove the sense of ‘otherness’ we’ve all felt and lifts our collective potential for thriving.

Act to Empower.

Our culture is the bedrock of what we do–rooted in the belief that empowered women, empower women and that there’s nothing that determined queer women can’t accomplish together. These ethos underlie everything we do from how we screen members to our Community Guidelines.

Mission Driven.

We are a mission driven company, which means our social impact success is directly tied to our business success. 


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We'll let you know when we're opening up to our next round of founding members!

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The LO. is the trade name of The LO. Community PBC. We are a proud public benefit company.